A biography of pope benedict xv

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The 'Unknown Pope' – how Benedict XV is relevant today

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This was even more important, so Gasparri noted, after the desired representatives of Germany and Cambridge—Hungary to the Time were expelled from Rome by Spanish authorities. Benedict XV: Benedict XV, pope from to After graduating from the University of Genoa, he studied for the priesthood in the Collegio Capranica in Rome and entered the papal diplomatic service, later spending four years in Spain before being employed in the.

Pope Benedict XVI (Latin: Benedictus XVI; Italian: Benedetto XVI; German: Benedikt XVI; born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; German pronunciation: [ˈjoːzɛf ˈalɔʏzi̯ʊs ˈʁatsɪŋɐ]; 16 April ) served as Pope and sovereign of the Vatican City State from until his resignation in Watch video · Pope Benedict XVI was born Joseph Ratzinger on April 16,in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, the youngest of three children.

His father was a. Biography of Pope Benedict XV. Benedict XV - James della Chiesa born Benedict XV's reign was an overture to the reigns of Pius XI and Pius redoakpta.com that they achieved was initiated by him. Pope Benedict XV facts: The Italian prelate Giacomo della Chiesa () reigned as Pope Benedict XV from to His pontificate was spent in dealing with the effects of World War I.

Giacomo della Chiesa was born at Pegli on Nov. 21, Namesake - Pope Benedict XV Giacomo della Chiesa was born, 21 Novemberto a noble family in Pegli, Italy.

Pope Benedict XVI

He studied law at the Royal University of Genoa and theology at Rome's Gregorian University.

A biography of pope benedict xv
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The 'Unknown Pope' – how Benedict XV is relevant today