E commerce and sales tax

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Internet Sales Tax: A 50-State Guide to State Laws

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What's at stake in the e-commerce sales tax debate

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Internet Tax / E-Commerce

Deep Dive What's at stake in the e-commerce sales tax debate A decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair has the potential to overturn a precedent that dictates when e-tailers pay state sales tax.

With selling goods across state lines comes sales tax compliance obligations and selling throughout the country using e-commerce platform is a complex task, especially with quickly evolving tax laws. IBM Commerce on Cloud and Avalara AvaTax integrate to provide an automated sales tax e-commerce platform.

Internet Tax / E-Commerce

Simplify complicated sales tax obligations in a customizable, cloud-based e-commerce platform. The law makes an exception for companies with less than $, in annual sales or transactions in the state, seeking to help smaller retailers compete with big e-commerce incumbents.

TaxTools™ is our flagship sales tax software product. It simplifies the sales tax process for ecommerce retailers by managing addresses, rates, exemptions, sales tax holidays, and product-specific tax rates. About half the states with a sales tax allow on-time sales tax filers to keep a very small amount (usually %) of the sales tax collected.

While this amount may be small, it’s free money! Here is a list of states with sales tax discounts.

E commerce and sales tax
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The Seller's Guide to eCommerce Sales Tax