Electricity in our lives

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10 Things People Will Miss Most Without Electricity At Home

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Electricity - The Past & The Future

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It may be permeated as analogous to height:. Importance of Electricity in our daily life: At Home Electricity is important to run your appliances at home efficiently.

What Is The Importance Of Electricity In Our Daily Life?

For example Lighting, TV, Refrigerator, AC, Fan, electric Oven, electric stoves, laptops and lots more. In Travelling. As electricity is an important part of our daily lives so is the travelling.

Electricity powered computer and communication systems are more and more important parts our lives and our economy. Because we are demanding more electricity service we must avoid increasing the damage to our environment by using electricity efficiently and by obtaining electricity from the cleanest sources available.

As electricity is an important part of our daily lives so is the travelling. Today a vast number of travelling medium like the electric train, aeroplanes, electrical cars. Electricity has invaded our lives and has become vital in almost all aspects of society today. The list of uses will fill a book but here are a few headings: Transport Trains, buses, trams and.

The light bulbs, microwave oven and cell phone in your home rely on electromagnetic radiation to operate. These devices were all made possible by 19th- and 20th- century advances like Maxwell's equations, a set of equations that combined many different observations about electricity and magnetism into a single coherent theory.

Beware of Static Electricity Generated by Flowing Liquids

Our lives currently run on electricity. Our smartphones, lights, cooking equipment and even cars are all going electric. With electricity, however, there is the eminent danger of being electrocuted if there is a fault on the electric lines.

Why is electricity an important part of our daily life? Electricity in our lives
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