Globally integrated enterprise

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Globally Integrated Enterprise model is a must for modern firms: IBM ex-CEO

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IBM Case Analysis Summary of the Case IBM's dominance as a global leader in information technology and services has created a dilemma for the senior executives managing the company during the timeframe of the case study, IBM in the 21st century: The coming of the globally integrated enterprise.

A globally integrated enterprise, unlike a multinational corporation, is a nimble, less duplicative business environment that locates operations around the world based on the availability of skills, the right cost and supportive business environment. The globally integrated enterprise is an inherently better and more profitable way to organize business activities, but capital markets are awash with money invested for short-term returns.

A new corporate entity based on collaborative innovation, integrated production, and outsourcing to specialists is emerging in response to globalization and new technology. Such "globally integrated enterprises" will end up reshaping geopolitics, trade, and education.

This post draws upon several resources, including: the IBM archives; Palmisano’s own article, “The Globally Integrated Enterprise” in Foreign Affairst and his speech on the Future of.

The Future of the Globally Integrated Enterprise

The globally integrated enterprise refers to companies that are truly global, as opposed to multinational, in their management and their operations. In this model, work is.

Globally Integrated Enterprise model is a must for modern firms: IBM ex-CEO Globally integrated enterprise
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IBM - The Globally Integrated Enterprise