Relevance of lead apron in medical imaging profession

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Lead Apron Storage Racks

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Lead apron is discarded, if the inspection reveals that there is a defect larger than 15 sq. mm on the apron parts shielding an organ or if there is any defect larger than sq.

What Healthcare Professionals Do

mm along the seam or in the back of the apron and in thyroid shields with defects larger than 11 sq. mm (Lead Apron Policy, ).


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We offer three apron types which all meet or exceed recommended lead equivalency and attenuation rates, but each uses different materials to achieve this.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Lead Apron Storage Racks. June 25, Managing lead aprons is one task that the imaging director has to cross off their to-do list, although it is probably not at the top of their list.

uncluttered imaging environment is important in detail orientated medical fields. Lead apron racks allow your facility to. The profession holds medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals individually responsible and accountable for rendering safe, effective clinical services to patients and for judgments exercised and actions taken in the course of providing those services.

Relevance of lead apron in medical imaging profession
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Lead Garments (Aprons, Gloves, etc.)