Role play in sales

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Sales role plays – do them right then they work

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EnerBank USA provides you with the blueprint necessary to conduct an effective role play exercise with your sales team. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance: Role Playing in Sales How do you ensure that what was learned in the classroom will be executed on the sales call?

The key is to role play, frequently, relentlessly and thoroughly. When role playing, have salespeople sell products that they don’t currently sell.

To expand on that, perfect. Sales role plays – do them right then they work. Posted on May 5, by Richard Ruff.


Plus, the salesman is having to role play with another salesman, sales manager or some kind of a trainer that has been brought it by management. It is a horrible, nervous producing, unrealistic situation that proves nothing. Role Playing as a Sales Training Tool. Executives frequently pay too little attention to the key elements of a good sales force: hire trainable people .

Role play in sales
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