Should social security be privatized why

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Should Social Security Be Privatized? – Pros & Cons

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Should Social Security Be Privatized? An Unbiased Review

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For those reasons, Social Security privatization should be viewed as a big boost to America’s poor. Nov 21,  · Should U.S.

Social Security be privatized? Fully privatized? Partly privatized? Not privatized? Why or why not? Update: To clarify, I refer not to, say, Goldman Sachs buying the social security system. I refer to a system in which your social security taxes are applied to something like a k plan containing mutual Status: Resolved.

A decade ago, the push to privatize Social Security looked dead in the water. Fresh off his re-election, then-President George W. Bush put the issue at the top of his second-term agenda. Even so. Nov 21,  · Theoretically it should be fully privatized. But, we don't live in a theoretical world and Social Security does help prevent the grasshoppers from crashing society when they get old Resolved.

Social Security should not be privatized because, it will be hard for citizens who cant afford to purchase there social security, so by having the government regulate social security anyone who cant afford social security they can still have it just in case something has or does happen in the future.

Social security should be privatized.

What would privatized Social Security mean for Americans?

Our social security is something important which should be taken care of carefully. Privatizing it can protect it. It should also be privatized because the money we have, The money we earn, Is for us and not for any random person.

It is up to us to make our decisions about money.

Should social security be privatized why
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